LSP–012 Bitter Moon

LSP–012 Bitter Moon


«Bitter Moon» that’s a different feel, a hybrid of veritable atmospheric cinematic soundscapes, analogue dance killers and dreamy synthesizer parts that could be the musical introduction to an 80s TV series but also a first step into a larger narrative musical opus. When the needle hits the vinyl something drags you in uncompromisingly. The latest project by “Réka et Simon”, two core members of Swiss band The Pussywarmers indeed is a departure into new directions. Hearing the two sides of this record one is reminded of familiar things, and at the same time being told new stories. «Chrysalis» mentally places you somewhere in the Carribean, evokes the feeling of a smooth cocktail on a beach at the shore of the sea. When the exotic percussion by Nic Mauskovic opens the song the strength of «Bitter Moon» gets evident. Its the atmospheric turnarounds that mark these songs, never leaving you with the common and familiar, although starting with it. A somber tone continuously undermines the warm feeling of exoticness with which «Chrysalis» starts. The steadily evolving synthesizers and Réka’s dreamy singing turn «Chrysalis» into a spheric audio-dream. «Bitter Moon» songs tell a story one physical feels while hearing. 

On the B-Side there’s «Timeslip», a driving instrumental track that starts with a fast pace and gains intensity with every second. A song that does not leave the listener a break, but takes him on a multifaceted and kaleidoscopic ride, where euphoria suddenly gives way to a feeling of slight shivering and which culminates in infinite lightness.

It is thanks to the experience and complicity – acquired in many concerts and productions with their main band – that the two musicians have managed to theorize a whole new musical chapter, intended from the start as a duo project. Two people, two minds, one straightforward aesthetics that is, to put it simply, the result of a long study on the possibilities of mingling an electronic instrumentation with acoustic-analogue elements.

They both currently live between Lugano and Zurich and their experiences in both cities, digested and reshaped in their own tracking studio in Olivone (Val di Blenio, TI), permeate the recordings in their first release as BITTER MOON.

The single is limited to 200 copies. It is an appetizer to a contribution by Bitter Moon to our «Transnational Series» coming out later this year. 


black vinyl 7" 
Edition of 200

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