LSP–013 All Ship Shape – Petrichor

LSP–013 All Ship Shape – Petrichor


All Ship Shape – Petrichor

If you listen carefully, the traces of their beginnings as an indie band are still faintly audible. The choruses on their new album «Petrichor» sound like a distant echo of their debut album: «All Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion» – back in the day, that was the battle cry of the five-piece band from St. Gallen. Nowadays, no one calls to battle anymore. Things have become much too confusing out there. Rebellious chants have yielded to jaded phrases such as «Born into this place / with a valid bank account». This statement most certainly speaks to you and leads you right into the middle of an everyday madness that inspires Severin Walz in the composition of his associative lyrics – sometimes in German, mostly in English. Music must remain unwashed in this sterile life. Therefore, the instruments are dirty too: bass, drums, guitars and synthesizers. All that is needed for a good old rock album. Even the strings in «Someone was smiling on the bus this morning» propagate nothing but asperity. Very well – now we know that All Ship Shape have never really come down from their trip to the psychedelic fields of their prior record «Dri#ter». Nevertheless, they have always been good at composing choruses. In the end, it is them that wrap you in a warm embrace. Guitars, psychedelia and social criticism – we have come full circle. Listen to the album and let yourself be embraced.

”Sometimes The Stairs Invert And Rise In Front Of You Like A Concrete Wall”
”Reflections Of The Sun In The Glass Front Of The Neighboring Building Shine Blue Through My Bathroom Window”
”Someone Was Smiling On The Bus This Morning”
”An Island In The Sun Is A Life Shelter Is A Built In Dream Is A Nightmare”
”After A Quick Rain, As The Fresh Smell Of The Streets Enters Your Nose, Your Thoughts Start Clearing Up”
”Love And Live Authority Of The Land Of Your Dreams” 
”In The Night, When You Are In My Dreams, You Work My Center”

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