LSP–006 Tracy Bryant

LSP–006 Tracy Bryant


It was late at night or early in the morning when we recorded a track with Tracy Bryant last September in our office while painting it and having a glass of Rum. The setting was very improvised but the atmosphere was magical. An old Revox A77 and two microphones captured that moment. The contact to do this little session emerged through our new pal «Pete», who now and then - working as a pilot - visits Tracy in LA.

The single is being released as a tour-45 for Tracy’s first European tour with full backing band. On Side B there is an acoustic version of «17’000 miles», a track that can be found in a different version on Tracy’s second solo LP on Burger Records. On side A «I’m not there» drags one into an atmospheric ride at night alone on the highway. Steady drum-beats and an as wonderful as simple guitar line embed Tracy’s sonorous voice, you might have heard earlier before when listening to his other band «Corners». In between melancholy and rhythmic acceleration «I’m Not There» tells about the difficulties of being together.

Again this record is prove of how easy things can be easily done if people stick together.

I’m Not There
17’000 Miles (Acoustic Version)

Black vinyl 7" 
Edition of 300

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