LSP–005 Tomorrows Tulips

LSP–005 Tomorrows Tulips


Last autumn «Tomorrows Tulips» passed by Rorschach where they played a show at a local club. After the show we asked Alex if they would do a record on «La Suisse Primitive». Not expecting anything we got surprised by his spontaneous answer: «why not?». A month later as nothing had happened yet we sent Alex an email in order to clarify the situation. The day after two songs landed in my mailbox. 
Sometimes things can be easy and so they were with these three musicians from Orange County. It is difficult to explain what is so great about «Tomorrows Tulips». But whilst listening to their music things become crystal clear. The genius of minimalism, found in the simplicity of not giving a single fuck. They make it look easy. As if everything around you would become slower «Tomorrows Tulips» sound seems to reflect a non time, like the 74% days of so cali life where one day seamlessly becomes another melting sundrops into beige stucco, guilding over the uneasiness of a drought and dying state. An ambiguous trip, the soundtrack of ease and unease, two sides of a coin.

This 45 is being released on the occasion of the band’s 3rd European tour.

«Check Me Out» is the one off follow up single to the bands 2015 album WHEN, «check me out» the self gloss touring band bio where a buzzy base foundation opens the field for Alex’s smooth singing seducing the listener.

«Quiet Riot Grrrl» in turn is the damaged lo-fi cover of a song by the 90s independent band «Further», hugely inspriational, the song - a melody over driven guitar bath, the quiet riot grrrl, dressed up with no riot of her own. Recorded by the ominous «Free Weed» who occasionally sings along during the chorus, the glory of lo-fi is being celebrated to its max.

We are psyched to welcome «Tomorrows Tulips» on «La Suisse Primitive» records … check it out!

Check Me Out
Quiet Riot Grrrl

Transparent vinyl 7" 
Edition of 500

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