LSP–002 The Staches

LSP–002 The Staches


In most of Switzerland’s bigger cities garage rock scenes are characterized by old bands. There are those who have been doing their thing for many years already and there are a few groups with members in their late 20s. However, you rarely find towns where younger generations did follow and start their own bands. Not so in Geneva. «The Staches», two girls and two boys - all of them around 20 - are proof of a healthy and active garage scene. The band has just released its debut album on «Burning Sound» Records in june. Evolved out of the Genevian scene that developed around «Rock This Town», «Moi J'Connais» and «Bongo Joe» «The Staches» must have seen many concerts and have listened to quite a big pile of records. Their tracks are proof of well-developed song-writing qualities beyond copying what has already been sung and played. «There’s Something In Between» is a unique blend of Twin Peaks-like tunes and a song-structure that could have been written by Lou Reed himself. A chilly track giving you the order to lay back and relax on beer, drugs or whatever. Engulfed by a smooth organ line and a tremolo-filled guitar tone you’ll get seduced by Lise’s spoken word vocals and might dream of the femme fatale character Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks. Until suddenly the fuzz guitar breaks in as the song culminates in a massive finish. Don’t expect cheap garage punk. That’s true rock'n'roll art dude! Planned as a split 7’’ with another swiss band the final result is now a one-sided 45. Due to legal issues the single could not be released as planned. The uncooperative «management» of the other band did prevent an economically feasible solution. Nevertheless we tried to make the best out of the situation. Instead of destroying the B-Side with pure violence we decided to cover it with a screen print by our friend Comet Substance. Hence, this 45 will hopefully be received as a unique piece in two ways - sound- and design-wise.

There's Something In Between

Black vinyl 7", one side screen printed
Edition of 300

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