LSP–015 Phonika

LSP–015 Phonika



Phonika is about having a time-off. Or better: about what can happen when one takes some time off. It is one of those home recording projects that probably never make their way onto stage. A product of artistic solitude. The result of a three months leave from quotidianity. The songs on this EP are marked by a particular roughness and sincerity. While multiple layers of singing result in a peculiar chorus, poetic thoughts are lingering for some moments in the air. It is music that was done with what was at hand: pawnshop instruments, a casio keyboard found in a cellar and flea-market treasures. And proof that at times you can find an idea of greatness in simple things.

The EP comes with a special 7” vinyl back from 2008 “Trains And Plants” with the B-Side “Money (That’s What I Want)” from Kay-Zee

Phantom Phobia
Thoughts Going Their Own Way

Little Dots

black 10" vinyl with a special 7” vinyl, gatefold packaging, postcards
Edition of 50

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