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Billy Changer – Over There

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Transnational Series Release

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We celebrate the release of the first episode of our Transnational Series. The leitmotiv of this record series is the bringing together of musicians from different social and cultural contexts across national boundaries. Symbolically, the two places where the first record with music of «Augenwasser» from St.Gallen, Switzerland and Kelley Stoltz from San Francisco, United States is being baptised represent this transnational idea. The former Italian Consulate in St.Gallen was, until a few years ago, the central point of contact for Italian migrants in Eastern Switzerland. People, ideas and music travel. The swiss restaurant chain «Silberkugel» («silver ball»), for its part, symbolizes the import of American lifestyle into Swiss everyday life. Today, the splendor of this restaurant chain has for the most part disappeared. However, the two last remaining restaurants in Zurich still embody the former hunger for the unknown. The longing for the remote often goes hand in hand with prejudices against strangers. For once, we hope that the former will prevail. With the Transnational Series, we would like to invite you to do some mental border crossing yourself.  


Augenwasser (live) 

June 29 — 2017

Frongartenstrasse 9
9000 St.Gallen


June 30 — 2017

Bleicherweg 33
8002 Zürich





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